Our Brief

United Nations Peacekeeping Forces Council – Southeast Asia (abbreviated as UNPKFC S.E.A) is a non-profit organization which is working as an exemplar organization of the UN Peacekeeping in close collaboration and cooperation with the Government of Thailand. We hold Type E Organizational status with the UIA – Union of International Associations and Initiative registration with the UN Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Network. Our organization upholds the United Nations Mission of Peace and Humanity and works on SDGs Goals – 4,8,10 and 16. We are an exemplar peacekeeping organization that operates without firearms and brings peace through love for humanity and fellow human beings. The establishment of the organization was done by the signing of The Bangkok Declaration by the Representatives of Royal Thai Government and Founders of the organization on the 13th Day of January, 2020. We hold the symbol of United Nations, and essence it is not for personal benefit, but for promoting the UN Missions and SDGs.

Why Formed

In light of Sustainable Development Goal 16 on promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, as well as Goal 4 (inclusive and equitable quality education), Goal 5 (gender equality), Goal 8 (decent work and economic growth), and Goal 10 (reduced inequalities) – there is a strong global imperative for understanding the essential connection between positive human development outcomes and ending recurrent cycles of conflict and violence. This was further stressed in three recent Peace and Security Reviews UN Peacebuilding Review, Peace Operations Review, and SC Resolution 1325 Review), as well as the recent Sustaining Peace Resolutions endorsed by both the General Assembly (A/RES/70/262) and Security Council (S/RES/2282-2016), which called for all UN agencies to contribute to sustaining peace; to leverage social services for peacebuilding and for mainstreaming and focus on the role of women in peacebuilding. Our mission is to promote the UN Values of Peacekeeping.

Our Legality

Government of Thailand: We are officially registered and known to the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand including, but are not limited to the Prime Minister Secretariat, Ministry of Interior, Royal Thai Police and Royal Thai Navy etc. 

Union of International Associations: We do hold official status of an Organization from UIA with Registration number: XM8954, Type E. The Union of International Associations (UIA) is a non-profit and non-governmental research institute operating under United Nations mandate.

Ghana United Nations Association: We have done an official collaboration with the Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) for strengthening the diplomatic relations of both parties in order to carry out our social and humanitarians missions of peace.

Global Partnership on Marine Litter: We are the official member of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter – GPML, the premiere global network for advancing solutions to reduce and eliminate marine litter in oceans in coordination of UN Environment Program.

Relations with UN

We coordinates with various organization of United Nations including but not limited to UN Office of the High Commission of Human Rights, UNHCR, UNA-USA, UNA-UK, UNGC, Departement of Peacekeeping Operations, The International Society for Military Law and Law of War, UNRISD, GPML etc.

UNPKFC (UN Peacekeeping Forces Council) is a continuation that has risen again from Thailand based UN Peacekeepers, because Thailand did not begin contributing forces to UN peacekeeping operations until 1991 and since the downsizing of its contribution to UNAMID (in 2012) has made only a modest contribution. However, its deployment of significant contingents to Cambodia (UNAMIC and UNTAC), East Timor (UNTAET) and Darfur (UNAMID) suggests that Thailand has the capability, and sometimes the willingness, to make significant contributions.

***NOTE: We are not a specialized agency of United Nations. We are an exemplar organization of UN Peacekeeping that is registered within and known to the UIA, GUNA and GPML.

Volunteers for Peace

An Initiative uniting the volunteers around the continent to work for peace and humanity under the banner of UNPKFC S.E.A, laws and its mandate.

UN 75 for Peace

The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations & its founding Charter and 75 years working for Peace and Humanity

Combating COVID-19

With various social and humanitarian projects, we contributed to the well-being of people during the Coronavirus and general awareness.